June 7, 2010

Shh, can we talk?

Can we be intimate for a minute? I know we can, just me and my dear, most dearest internets. I want to talk about bras, no really I do. Buying bras is a traumatic thing, sorta like the bathing suit horror, for me. I am an average buxom lady with curves. Now my size does not mean my shoulders are as big as a Texans football player, yet manufactures think this. For a bra to be supporting the straps should line up with your nipples go over your shoulder and end at/just below your shoulder blade; Because the nipples are the center point for the heaviest part of your breast and therefore the best location for support. Now I have never, ever bought an over the counter bra that actually had the straps in the right place for me. They seem to always be too far over to the outside. And I don’t know about you, but I cannot afford to buy custom made, hell the over the counter ones cost enough.

Anyhows to combat the issue when I buy new ones…BTW I only like the seamless cups, cotton (or as high a cotton content I can get, adjustable straps and if at all possible the ones that hook in the front (as if I could find any) and because I’m curvy I do the underwire. Now back to the alteration, yes I alter my bras. I cut the strap, one at a time (less confusing) and move it about a half inch or so towards the hook part and sew it back on. Now if you choose to try this, do be sure and not twist the strap, cause that makes it feel really weird. I make little stitches using a like colored thread and go back and forth at least 3 times. Well I don’t want ‘em coming loose, cause that would just be dangerous. Surprise and low and behold I don’t suffer from falling/slipping straps anymore and they don’t hang out from tank tops looking all 70s and junk. And this keeps me perky.

I don’t know maybe I’m the only one that has had the problem of falling / slipping bra straps, but if not you may consider trying this for yourself. But if you do, try it on a cheap bra (the ones pictured here were $7 each from WalsMart) just in case you don’t like the results. And if over the counter over the shoulder bolder holders are not a problem for you just disregard this message or just do what Jannie the Funster does and fling them away. The bra not the boulders. Duh!

Any intimate tips you would like to share with our fellow dear internets?


Zephra said...

That is a really good idea. My daughter, niece, and I are all heavy boobed girls and there is never enough support to keep the girls up where they belong. I also have several bras that the straps slowly loosen up on during the course of the day.

Linda said...

Ha! This is on my to-do list -- I desperately need a few new ones (it has been years). Thank you on the tip to custom-fit my bra -- fabu idea. Shall we meet at Victoria's Secret and get a fitting? Peace...

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. what a good idea! I'm going to try it .. as I do suffer from slippy straps and hadn't really realised why - so thanks!

I'm past the age (boo hoo) of flinging my bras away into the woods .. days gone by!

Enjoy the week -Hilary

elizabethre said...

Paige I could hug you! I suffer daily with the falling strap thing. I hate! hate! hate! bras and their infernal straps. I always buy 'good' bras but it makes no difference they (straps) all fall down.

I will be using your wonderful tip today! You brilliant woman you :)


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

How did you know, that I'm going through Find-Comfortable-Bra-Hell myself right now? -moan- -sob- -sigh-

I have all sorts of issues, like GERD meaning I can't stand any tightness and like my weight concentrated in my stomach and butt... Which gives me a 7 month preg look and feel, all the time. And because of the GERD, I gave up on bras for a long time.

But by now, they are hanging so low that if I keep up like this, I might begin to trip over them. >,-) And you know I'm always tripping anyway and don't need hanging breasts to be in my way constantly. [Do I hear; "Euuuuuuuw, toooo much information!"]

My bras don't "want" to stay down in the back. Thus they do not keep the "front" up/supported. And with the GERD, I can't wear a bra super-tight around under my breasts. Wondering if your, straps not in right place, has to do with this too? Must look into it.

But first, I have to go through the misery of going out and finding a new bra! -moannnnnnnn-


Bee Repartee said...

Well, I buy mine at Lane Bryant cause you don't get 40G's off the rack. (hehe, I said rack)

If you cinch up your straps to not fall off and the bra rides up in the back, you're wearing too big of a band around. The straps should be only 10% of your support anyway but that may help your strap issue. ? We hope?

Personally, the Balconette (sp?) bra from LB is outstanding. It's seamless, back hook, and underwire. The straps are wider on the top of the shoulder and it never rides up in the back.

I'm going to out dapoppins, too. We both wear the same kind, diff. sizes but not much. And we joke the bra is our second chin. I've never felt as comfy and I used to fit model for Jantzen so I've worn all types.

I'd say a fitting is ideal. I have to get fitted again. Lost 70lbs in the last yr and half and darn it if I didn't lose it *there*. Not complaining though. :)

Another friend of mine swears by Nordstroms fittings.

I go to and get a coupon code when the bras are on sale at LB. Combined, $35 bras ended up being about $12 each and dropped shipped to my house. You can also return items at the store after a catalog purchase, too.

Good luck!!!

Karin Bartimole said...

you are brilliant Paige! I would never have thought of moving the straps, but that makes so much sense. thanks for this very good idea!! You have me thinking - now that I'm two very different sizes (after lumpectomies) I wonder if buying two bras and sewing them together might not be a bad option!!

Jannie Funster said...

I buy my sports bras teeny, for extra containment, XS if I can get it. Or a large in the girls' (as in kids') department.

I tend to stretch 'em out eventually, and my problem is how to take the straps up so they look nice -- as sometimes I let the sraps show, depending on what I'm wearing. (Hussy 70s moi!) :) But since my only option seems to be cutting them where they meet,I'd have to have the new seam looking Walsmart manufacturer slick and ready to look my best.

But it'll all work out bra-wise for me, eventually. :) And will for those who will benefit from readinhg this post

Super article!! Very useful.

$7.00 is a wise deal!

Please let me know if you ever see a store selling beigy-Jannie-skin-color sports bras, okay? And I'll rush to the nearest local outlet to snap one up.



sheila said...

That is actually an EXCELLENT idea! Why don't they make that strap adjustable? How dumb!

I hate bra shopping too. BLEH!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

This is an interesting theory, Paige. I've never heard it and thought everything falls off me because I'm narrow-shouldered. I'd have a problem lining up the straps with the nipples because the little left boob is quite "wall-eyed" now and the other points toward my feet.

Despite two lumpectomies and a lymphectomy, which gave me an extra armpit, I am still wearing my good (Vanity Fair, Vassarette) 1980s upper-topper-flopper-stoppers.

I'd love to get fitted at Nordstroms, too, but who can afford the merchandise there?

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's a brave new bra world!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Errr...I think I've come to the wrong place!