May 31, 2010

Guess What?

We went on a little trip to the hill country on this Memorial Weekend. We stayed in Kerrville in the last available room,  so we were told. I think that may have been true as the place and all the other hotels and motels appeared to have full parking lots. We checked in and drove through Ingram and on to Hunt where a kindly old fella built a Stonehenge replica.

See pretty neat. We enjoyed walking around it and taking photos, yet I’m sad to say we felt no “energy” coming from it. The river was flowing, the drive was nice and the weather was totally awesome. On Saturday we stayed in town and went down to a Art & Craft Festival…where we walked around, sat and ate and listened to some folk music. This one young guy was playing a 150 year old guitar, he played a lot of Mexican/Spanish type ballad music-it was very nice. After we left there we drove around downtown and found some booths set up at the courthouse. And naturally we had to stop and have a look see. We bought a CD of HeartStrings Treasures, they play an interesting looking instrument and Beloved loved their relaxing sound.

On Sunday we meet up with a dear internet, the original Jannie Funster and family, in Fredericksburg where we toured the National Museum of the Pacific War. Very appropriate for the weekend don’t you think. No need to answer I know it was. Speaking of the Funster, she writes and makes some pretty good music too and I love her CD, I Need a Man. Although I find the idea a bit confusing as her honey is a man, and I think he is a good guy. Did I mention they brought lil’ Kelly with ‘em? Well they did and she was her usual charming self.

She is so Ready for the Summer as you can see in this very contemplative photo and she is so ready to get that dang ol’ cast off; Soon my dear lil’ Kelly soon. I’m sorry to say Blue Bunny was not able to make it, something about a prior engagement and obligation and blah, blah, blah. Personally I think he wanted the house to himself for the day. Crazy Rabbit Bunny.

We ate at the German place (I know what place in Fredericksburg is NOT German) The Funsters had not had real German tatar salad before and I don’t think they will have it again. After lunch we walked around the hot town meandering in and out of air conditioned shops. Where we learned that the Shabby Chic phenomenon was born right here in this town, so they say. Who knew? Well I didn’t and this was an educational trip. Did I tell you we found a candy store, yes oh yes we did and guess what it had candy in it. It was too soon that we had to go our separate ways they to Austin and we back to Kerrville for our last night before heading home.

Now, now don’t be put out my dear internets ...
E-Candy for everyone. Catch! So what kind did you get?  chocolate, taffy, something sour or extra sweet?


Jannie Funster said...

Paige! Its HILARIOUS to me that the one photo you sent me that I did not publish in MY post (contemplative Kelly at table) you did publish. And I published the ones you did not.

I think Stonehenge is working in very mysterious ways here!!


It was FUN!!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. lovely pictures .. and the story about your weekend out .. just a lovely peaceful time .. the Mexican/Spanish songs sound wonderful ..

Stonehenge .. I bet it's easier to walk round than the real one here .. that chap must have been duly impressed with the real one!

Kerrville .. just so pleased you had a lovely time & Kelly's picture is one of those special ones ..

Thanks for sharing with us .. Hilary

Snaggle Tooth said...

I got some Whoppers malted milk balls... (ecandy- not the real ones, but I want some)!

What would the druids think of the replica...? Yeop- the energy was out to German lunch...
Lucky you having Funster visits!
Sounds like a great week-end!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hooray for a lovely little weekend trip/holiday!

Karin Bartimole said...

What fun weekend trip! Even without 'feeling the energy' I love the photo of the circle of Stone People gathered for you photo op ;-)
Kelly is a doll - the photo is really priceless!!
Thanks for sharing your adventure with us - glad to know the mysterious roots of the shabby chic movement!!! xo K

Jean-Luc Picard said...

There's more stones there than Stonehenge has!

Stephen said...

Kerrville and Fredericksburg are both great towns to spend some time in. In fact, Mrs. B and I went to Fredericksburg for our honeymoon. Great little bavarian town. So glad you enjoyed the time spent, and I'm thankful you shared it with us. Heading to SA later this summer. Will have to stop off in Kerrville to see the Stonehenge replica. Didn't know it was there.

80s Queen said...

Your weekend sounded wonderful.

I want some sour peach gummies please.

Dapoppins said...

What is German tartar, and what kind of candy did you buy, cause I hope you wont say you didn't because you really should have...

... Paige said...

German Tater as in potato salad. It's a vinegar'y (yet sweetist) type.
TarTar is like a ground steak thing, raw meat, but we didn't have that-yuck :-)

We bought coconut bars, chick-o-sticks, jelly beans, big hunks and fudge. Lil' Kelly got some kind of sour gelly gunk and Jannie got fudge.

sheila said...

Chocolate for sure! And I love that stonehenge replica, very cool!

ElizabethR said...

Wow, I'll have one o' them thar coconut bars Paige :)

I had no idea someone had built a replica of Stonehenge. I bet it raises some eyebrows when unsuspecting visitors come by.

Glad you all had such a wonderful time.

Deanna Schrayer said...

I'm so jealous that you all live close enough together to get to meet up now and then. I'm alllll the way up here in VA. :(

Janine, your little one is so adorable, and look how thoughtful that pic is! I'll have to stop by your place and check out the rest of the photos. And don't feel the least bit bad about not liking German food. My hubby is German, and when he took me to meet his parents, (in PA) for the first time, he insisted I try scrabble - just knew I'd love it. I took one bite and couldn't even swallow it. That was the nastiest stuff I ever put in my mouth! Needless to say, I didn't eat anything else at that place!

Paige, that guitar music sounds heavenly. So glad you all had such a fun time.