April 13, 2010

UnPerfect ... MOI?

Okay so I got this email the other day and in the subject line it said “PaigeUnPerfect” just what was that supposed to mean? I deleted it on accounta they are obviously a crazy a$$ and don’t know me so good and how I AM ALWAYS, yes ALWAYS RIGHT! Just ask my Beloved.

Now onward and upwords; (fear not my dear award giver outters I have not forgotten you, the time will come; just not this time)

So y’all know I’ve been doing the annual Poem a Day Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides and I just now, yes this very second thought I should share a couple with you. Because you are my dear internets and you want to see. I so know you do!

Day #10 prompt – write of horror – yeah I flopped on this one, not a single edged butterfly knife in sight, but there was a plain…

Razor’s Edge

Darkness fell with eyelids
                  .sliding down
Breathing slowed, heart rate too
Unfamiliar sights drifted across
                   .an empting mind

Drip – drip – drip

Behind the closed white door

Down – down – down
               .then there was no more

Boo! I knew I scared ya and next comes

Day # 11 – write using this phrase “The Last “__”” fill in the blank, have I mentioned that I think rules have curves, not so much unlike moi. Hey who said bulges? Cause that just ain’t right. Straighten up y’all, this is serious. No, I mean it.

The Last “___”

As if they were pushed away
--they fell
till the shelf was all but empty and
all the a-e-i-u and even the y’s
were spilt, lying there in a puddle
I picked them up and grasping
at red and white bendy straws
I kinda just simply used what
--there was

Ta Dah! Now how’s about you? Have you written any violets are red and roses are blues?


Jai Joshi said...

I like that scary one! Any poem or story where there's a closed door is going to make me shiver. Closed doors are creepy!


ElizabethR said...

I think you did well with both Paige, but i prefer the second one of the two. I guess it speaks more to me. I'm wondering what happened to the o though?

I wish I could say I've been diligent to do the Poem a Day Challenge, but I can't.


Linda said...

Oooh, love the horror one! I couldn't write one for that prompt, but I have written a poem every day (though a few days have been touch-and-go).

I decided this year to use the prompt if it worked, otherwise write whatever my heart called me to write. It's been an exceptionally good year - so far. From the looks of what you;ve posted, I;d say the same for you :^)

17 more days... Peace, Linda

Dorraine said...

Yes, the drip-drip-drip, got, got, got me!

Stephen said...

"I deleted it on accounta they are obviously a crazy a$$ and don’t know me so good and how I AM ALWAYS, yes ALWAYS RIGHT! Just ask my Beloved.

If I could, I would ask your beloved. Maybe he'd tell me what he thinks, man-to-man. Of course, then he'd probably have to kill me and bury me in the woods. What was it Ben Franklin said? Three people can keep a secret as long as two of them are dead. Or something like that.

Word Verification: chorpord

Definition: How a Cajun tells you where to find the coffee mug. As in: "It's up 'n da chorpord."

Dapoppins said...

I am so feeling inspired and challenged. and You know I don't write poetry...

sheila said...

Hmmmmmmm. That's pretty cool! And BTW? I'm always right too. IN FACT...I tell my husband...I thought I was wrong ONCE....but as it turns out, I was mistaken. Blahhhaaaa.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oooh, love that horror one! Both actually, but the horror the most. I don't do poetry but once in a blue moon when I'm feeling very depressed. Don't know why that's what it takes, but I'm glad I don't get like that often enough to create poetry.
I do, however, like to write suspenseful flash and shorts now and then - in fact, this week's fridayflash is suspense.
Thanks for sharing your lovely, and um, chilling poems you perfect woman you!

Jannie Funster said...

I loved them both, but that second one really really grabbed me!!! Awesome little poem. The whole letters / bendy straws thing. Very very brilliant, Paige!! This would win contests.

I know I'm behind on my awards the sweet poetry fairies left for me too, but it's all good.

Karin Bartimole said...

You and your perfect self crack me up!! First of all, for the first time I read through your entire profile and now I don't know if you're really Paige or not - well not a real person known as Paige anyway, but definitely a real Poet, and you prove that with your two new delightful poems! All I know for sure is that you're always right!! thanks for all the studio tips. I'll be a little restricted by some of the height aspects, being that it's in the attic with slanted roof areas (since I'm only 5'2" I'll be okay!), but some of your tips are things I've been thinking about, too. Like no hot (especially halogen) lighting - the heat is too much. I think I'm going to invest in LED bulbs - they are super cool in temperature output and cost nearly nothing in energy, but they are $$ initially in cost for the bulbs. I think you're right about having the extra outlets, too - more is better! If you think of any other must haves, pass them on! thanks a bunch :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Fun poems, thanks- you knew I wanted to read them!

how would "The Last Do-Da" go?

Why not?

Why me?

Why you?

Ya Me!

Susan's Snippets said...


your poems are all the rage

they keep me so very engaged

you should recite them on a stage

if you could my dear paige


Liara Covert said...

Some people are silent poets who have no inclination to translate the sensations flowing through them into words