February 26, 2010

Not Working

Thank you all my dear, dearest internets for your prayers, love and support. It means more to me than I could ever express with words.

One would think that if one had plenty to do at home one could find something to do while at home now that one was unemployed…wouldn’t one? Now don’t get me wrong I do have lots of things I could be doing for example here’s a list:

Clean bathrooms
Submit poems somewhere
Prepare meals calendar
Go through junk boxes to price crap for a yard sale
Spring clean the yard
Watch TV
Straighten up the garage
Think about how to decorate the living room
Call a friend
Straighten up my studio
Do the laundry
Do something artsy
Make paper
Dust stuff
Make curtains for dining room, kitchen, office and studio
Organize a million photographs
Read some books or at least one
Write some poetry
Fix some screens that need it
Finish the two quilts
Do my resume
Hunt for a job with benefits

I’m sure there are lots of other things, but no, one can’t seem to do anything in any kind of strategic manner. My brain is scattered I’m writing this post when my single intent was to find a recipe for pulled pork. I had one but of course can’t locate it since I have not been able to find any of my recipes that apparently are lost out in there where everything got shoved when the house flooded last year. And speaking of last year, it flew by so fast I’m still not sure this year has started. Except it has and my pork butt sits in the kitchen sink waiting for me to find that recipe that I want, but can’t seem to get to.

I feel so lost, walking in a circle, like a dog chasing its tail cause that’s all there is do, but not really there are other things. To do of course and the focus has gotten all hazy like the woods across the street when there is a fog or when it’s raining really hard and they become obscure. I mean I know they are there, but just can’t quite see ‘em. I really should look for that recipe before my internet gets cut off. So if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s not because I’m too busy with work it’s just the internet was cut off. Did I mention that I’m cooking supper every day, well pretty much every day now that we are home again and I don’t work.

And just to let ya know while I am sad and get a bit teary about It is so not the end of the world. God has His plan and His timing for all things. I am certain that all will be as they should be. Yes the cobra plan is available I only hope that my unemployment will cover the cost with a little left over for internet.

Any clue as to what I want to do? Come on give me your suggestions I’m pretty open except for the Mortgage Industry and Cosmetology -I’ve already had careers in them (20 + yrs & 10 yrs)

my 200th post


Jeni said...

Is there any particular industry that is predominant in your region? Or perhaps any colleges/universities within range that employment there might be feasible? (They do generally offer reasonably decent type benefits I think. And of course, what are your strengths with respect to the job market in general too.
It does take a bit of effort to get your system coordinated to the task of the job hunting but I think you'll get around to getting that done fairly quickly though. Sending you good fibes on the job hunt -may you find one with a good wage and excellent benefits!

Zephra said...

How about talk show host? I was thinking about getting one of those myself. They give them out like candy nowadays.

Zephra said...

I don't know if you know what your Cobra payment will be like but it was substantially less that what I thought it would be thanks to some recent changes. I will warn you though, customer care (insurance industry not doctors) gets a lot worse. We got screwed out of our Cobra so make sure you know what is going on and that you have paperwork for everything...including conversations (along with names of who you talked to and when).

Dorraine said...

How about paralegal work, Paige? The industry pays well and the benefits are great, too. My daughter is going into that. Some law firms will train you along the way. I don't know, it's the best suggestion I could come up with on a Friday.

Much love...xoxo

Deanna Schrayer said...

Okay, now I'm crying. I just read and responded on the last post and now I'm reading your fog, and I can feel it. But I'm gonna try to straighten myself up here and do my part to help hold your chin up. You're right - God does have a plan, He always does, but sometimes it's frustrating when you can't see it yet.
I like that talk show host idea, you'd be so great at it. It would be so wonderful if "the right person" were to come along and read your work here and proclaim "Aha! Just the person I've been looking for!" And maybe they will, you never know.
For now though, (and I'm trying real hard not to say "don't worry"), just rest. With all you had piled on you over the last year maybe that's what this break is all about, maybe that's the "why".
Of course I will be praying that you find work soon 'cause I know you'll be going nuts until you do.
More hugs!

Jannie Funster said...

Hi Paige!

How is your pork butt? Mine's fine, parked here on the sofa. Hope you found your recipe. Whole Foods has such great pulled pork, pricey as all get out, only had it a couple of times.

Suggestions? Just keep the faith and find ways to laugh. I know even when I'm a little blue laughter perks me up.

Some job suggestions for you... bra flinger, donut maker, tulip planter, funny blogger, deep sea diver. ???


ElizabethR said...

I just want to give you a big (((hug))). I can feel your confusion too. You have been through so much this last year and now all this uncertainty! I'm speechless.

Please know that you and your family are in my prayers for healing, and a wonderful new job for you.

God bless and keep you,

Jai Joshi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about these difficulties, Paige. I was also sorry to see that my list of things to do looked just like yours. It's all those little things that we put off for ages because we have more important things to do but then when we have the time we don't want to do them.

Like you, I've also been feeling a little dazed for the past couple of days. I don't know how to react to anything. It's all a blur. I hope that this will pass and things will improve. I'll hope and pray that they'll improve for you too.

Best wishes,

... Paige said...

Well talk show host, yes that should be just fine now that O is gonna drop out I can see a huge need of the populist...

I love y'all! you sure can perk up a person.

BTW I have made donuts, it was my first job at the sweet age of 16 and still my favorite donut is Shiply's.

Snaggle Tooth said...

May your speed bump turn into the best job switch you ever made in your life!
All food industries are indeed still in business... altho you may need to switch brands here n there, Everyone needs to eat!
Also, everyone needs healthcare- if you could get related office work.
Happy hunting- keep shooting those arrows!