January 18, 2010

Daybreakers Movie

Member, I told y'all in my post that I would review this one. Not a horrible movie. What does that mean*

You have to like vampire movies to go see this one. Now I’m talking about Vampires not that Twilight wanta be vampires glittering stuff (I’m on Team Who Gives a Rat’s Ass).

Spoiler alert!

Daybreakers was a bit cheesy, but I like cheese. A virus befalls mankind in 2019 (coming soon my dear internets) and it turns humans into vamps. Those that didn’t catch the virus are either turned, put in storage for blood harvesting or hide. The vamps are running out of blood, cause they are too dumb do learn from The Matrix movie and their humans die of old age. Okay so their top hematologists are working on making a synthetic blood (think True Blood series on HBO). Turns out some vamps care about humans and their own undead vamp-kind, and he is trying to find a cure. Blah, blah, stuff happens—Vamps die—Humans die, love is hinted at and ta dah a cure of sorts is found.

Like I said it’s not a horrible movie, predictable yes but not horrible. It did have quite a bit (haha) of gratuitous gore with squirting blood and ripping body parts. I don’t like gore-hinted at ok but don’t show me. EEE-u!

Now you want to see good Vampires I recommend True Blood, as mentioned earlier it can be found on HBO we are sitting around the hotel house with bated breathed waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD and Season 3 to begin.

*wait for the Daybreaker DVD
FTC Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any form for any of my opinions in this post


Snaggle Tooth said...

Thanks for the review. I value the info- n will wait for the dvd as a pre-viwed resale.

I tend not to like some Vamire movies- but liked Interview with the Vampire with Tom Cruise.
On dvd saw Underworld 2 recently, about Vamps & werewolves. not bad- I do like make believe.

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie don't letting me wotch vampire movvies ennymor since I skreeming so mutch wen blood is so skwirting. and the naybers and the polisemen came to my jannie's house. and it was not sutch a good time.

80s Queen said...

This is too funny. We saw this movie this weekend. I was about to post a blog about it also, ha ha.

I agree with you. It could have been a lot better.

jingle said...

informative post,
thank you for sharing..

cheers, ;)

Dorraine said...

Thanks for the review, Paige. I think I'll pass on this one. I'm not much into gore. Or, don't hurt me please, vampires. I must be the only one. :-)

Tammy said...

Sister you crack me up. That fire alarm story ha ha. What an idiot! You have a truly unique perspective on everyday events that are usually hilarious.

sheila said...

I love that you're still on team 'Who gives a rat's ass', LOL! Meeee too!

Thanks for the tip on waiting for the DVD!

Dapoppins said...

I missed that there was a new vamp movie out and that these vamps actually have teeth? How could it be? Now I will be looking for that DVD