December 7, 2009

ME, Over the Top-REALLY?

I have been without internet service for a few days (seems like weeks) and in that time I was awarded this…

By Snaggle Tooth of Exit Stage Right, isn’t it awesome? I know very cool. Thanks so much Snag. With it comes the following questions, to answer or not in 1 word as I wish so let’s see which ones if any I wish

Where is your mobile phone? Table
Your hair? Dirty
Your mother? ___
Your father? Drinks
Your favorite food? Potato
Your dream last night? Freaky
Your favorite drink? Yes
Your goal? Home
What room are you in? 115
Your hobby? Many
Your fear? Success
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive
Where were you last night? Dreamland
Something that you aren’t? Toddler

And all the rest of my answers are in answer form only; you can make up the question and leave them for me in the comments, if you dare. (yes this IS fair, cause I say so)













And the winners of this fine award are {drum roll} everyone cause I’m too sleepy to choose. Please discuss it among yourselves and grab the awesome award and answer the questions if you dare. Thanks again Snag

And the questions Are…


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhhhhhh no! With out the Net! Eeeeeeek! Not fair and not fun and not funny. Glad you have your Net back.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I was wondering where you were... Glad it wasn't too long!
I think your blog is alot of fun, even with the flooding stories n all!

I'm glad to hear you made it out of Toddlerhood, n are now ready for Big Girl school!

Sleepy- What is Snaggle right now!
Blessed, yes, but with what?

Blue Bunny said...


Jannie Funster said...

YAY!!! I will have fun with this, making up questions.

TOP: Which article of clothing do you most often leave home without.

HOME: Where do you hang your hat at night?

TEXAS: Which state has the highest percent of moon stealing piney woods ghosts?

SOUP: What is your favorite elixir to bathe in?

DENIM: What is your favorite bra and undies material?

NO: Are you a piney woods moon-stealing ghost?

DEAD: What is your right big toe's current status?

VIRTUAL: What land would you most like to more to?

BLESSED: What's the only kind of water you drink?

SLEEPY: How do you feel all day after a good night of rest?

ALWAYS: Do you put lemon juice on your steak?

INSURED: How you like your men? ???