December 14, 2009

Grinding Rocks

So there we were, my dear internets, sitting and dining out (yes again), but this time my food needed a bit of salt. Hum where is the shaker, oh no shaker? They had one of them thar grinder thingies…

Which is all well and good if you can twist them and not to beat a dead horse, but I can Not twist  ‘em.

Hum funny how many little things are overlooked when we don’t live a physically challenged life. I have often gotten my panties in a wad over things, places and yes people not being accessible to those with physical challenges. That was one of the things that bothered me about Europe, nothing was accessible, doorways were small, it seemed like shops and all the buildings had steps and I won’t even mention restroom facilities. But the point of this little rant is the salt shaker, well actually the lack thereof. Why take a perfectly good functional item and trade it out for a faddish type, i.e. the salt grinder. Sea salt no less and depending on the sea of course it can be bitter and besides what is wrong with good old fashioned machine ground salt? Nothing, I tell you absolutely nothing.

I was lucky to have my Beloved with me to grind salt into my hand so I could sprinkle it where I wanted, the problem was he had to stop eating to grind some salt for me. Gotta love that man of mine, I mean holy cannoli he is so good to me!

Ah yeah, there was a pepper grinder too, but I like fresh ground pepper, I just wish they had a battery operated one. And so until they have battery operated grinders at restaurants my most Beloved will have to grind for me.

Speaking of grinding Elbow-Ulnar Release sugery was this morning, let's hope I came out of A-Okay - Yes this was a "Pre Post"

...So how's about you have an axe to grind?


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Yes! Yes! Yes may you be out of Elbow-Ulnar Release surgery, and super fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gentle hugs...

judypatooote said...

I've been out of touch....elbow surgery...darn I hope your feeling better....only you would think to write a pre post.....LOL....well hope you have a Merry Christmas, and you heal real soon.... judy

teahouse said...

Well, I guess it's good that we've gone in the direction away from those old grinding pencil sharpeners, and the old can openers.

Although I don't trust electric can openers. What do you do in a blackout?

Jannie Funster said...

This is the first time I've heard of grinding your own salt. (Don't get out so much over here.)

I do have an ax to grind, yes. But no chainsaw. Or chinsaw. But I do have a lovely man who could no doubt grind salt like a saint if he needed to.

Surgery? You out yet? You awake?

Is this thing on??

Blue Bunny said...

i lieks salt on karrits.


Snaggle Tooth said...

You may just have a million-dollar idea there-
Battery operated seasoning grinders, with a on/off easy toggle switch of course, for the challenged folk.
Remember, Paiges's Dear Internets all saw it here first!

Speaking of operations- hope that all goes well for you- Bet you will be sore for a bit- n I'm sure you never realized all that elbow was doing before this...

I pray for you everyday, but will work some extra prayers on top for this one!
Get well n blogging again one day soon!

Deanna said...

Gosh I'm so far behind! I'm so sorry about that Paige. I hope your surgery did go well and that you're recovery is going even better.
It is interesting how we don't truly appreciate so many things until those things are taken away from us. Worse, after we get those things back, most of us still lose the appreciation. But I know you appreciate all your abilities, (and body parts).
Rest and get well!

ElizabethR said...

Hope you are not feeling too beat up by the surgery Paige.

You have such an uplifting spirit. Your posts are always a delight to read. Yep, even when you have an axe to grind.

And I agree, that is a brilliant idea! Think of all the

Hoping you are well and comfortable,