November 7, 2009

More Autumn Adventure

And here I sit my dear internets at the laundra-rama while at home my new washer and dryer dustily sit. We finally got connected with our insurance adjuster they talked to our contractor and are working on an adjustment claim. We don't know the dollar amount that we will receive, however it will be somewhat negotiable -- whatever that means.  In the meantime I've come to grips with the disaster and am excited to be getting a new kitchen. Because the walls (sheet rock) have come down, I spoke to the contractor and it is very doable to put the washer and dryer in the garage instead of in the house in the little pantry, no extra cost. (you believe that right?) We're going to totally take the pantry walls down put counters in and a floor to ceiling pantry cabinet thing with pullout shelves. I mean why not, I didn't like the cabinets anyway and there was not enough counter space. Yes I will post pictures when they get put in. if that ever happens

We are not really fancy people however we do like nice. I found a floor tile that looks like wood and we hope to be able to put that in the entryway, hallway, and living room. The contractor suggested adding a small bar that mimics the little bay window in the dining room to separate, some want, the dining area kitchen from the living room. I thought that was an astounding idea therefore I need to pick another tile to go in the dining room kitchen area, a cheaper one I think will be best. Is this exciting or what?

Now the paint color… as you know my daughter Erin just painted the living room for us when I was off that week of my surgery and because I am not inspired as to a specific color, at this time, we are going to go with divine white. The lighting in my kitchen was not the best in fact it was barely sufficient so as the opportunity has kindly arisen I have picked out two new ceiling fixtures for the kitchen and they will install a hanging light over the sink (yea) and I've chosen one to replace the dining table chandelier. That may actually light things up.

Our fireplace had tile around it, not anymore duh, so once again I have picked a tile and a small trim piece for that. I love our ceiling fan in the living room so we will be keeping it although it is polished brass and the new fixtures for the kitchen are sort of chocolate brown/aged copper like color. I am sure it has some kind of fancy a$$ed designer name. I will show you, if of course it works out as I am planning. Okay, okay I'll show you even if it does not work out the way I'm planning. All because I love you and your amazing support of me, my family and our situation.

Perhaps we'll get lucky and be able to have the bed rooms re-carpeted, just in case I picked out brown carpet for them. Yes it may be darker than what most people would pick but I have lived with that light tan deer colored carpet for over 20 years probably more like 30. And that is enough!

In more exciting, okay maybe not exciting more like good news, my stitches have been removed now for a few days and the cut looked gross at first but it gets better every other day. Because of the pain in my right arm I have asked my doctor to do a letter in regards to my ability to work. Mostly because the hysterectomy that I'll be having on the 16th will keep me from having surgery on my right arm, and that has been scheduled for December 14th ...On accounta I got bad news...cause it has not been enough yet.

My office will be closing at the end of December (rumor has it that I will be reassigned to work from home- which would be totally awesome). Yet I am saddened at not working with this great group of folks that I have known most for 15 years. You bet the timing looks very suspicious and if I had planned it it dam sure wouldn’t be during the holidays. Cause how will I get to cook in my new kitchen? If I get a new kitchen. This whole timing thing is bad and please believe me when I say how horrible it makes me feel, I love my company it is the best, absolute bestest I have ever worked with, they are considered family.

I'm having a hard time fighting the tears, which is making this post hard to write. My software barely understands me already due to my charming Southern accent to which Jannie can attest. Bless her heart she said “pardon", "sorry what” more than a couple of few times. So anyway I’ll wrap this up by signing off for today and sending you all my hugs and great thanks for your support.

I know that no matter what God will do what is best, love is at the center and it radiates outward.

Speaking of radiate—where is that solar man that started all this?

How are things with y’all? Got that turkey picked out yet?


Thomma Lyn said...

Oh my goodness -- I'm sorry to hear what happened with your house, and I hope you get your new kitchen. And your injury -- eek! I hope you heal quickly and that things get better soon. I'm glad it's looking like you might be reassigned to work from home. That would be mega cool beans! Wishing you the best, and sending big ((((((hugs))))).

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh Paige, it's just one thing then another isn't it? But at least you're getting a new kitchen out of the deal. I do hope it turns out to be all you wish.
Chocolate brown carpet? Though it's very pretty, it's a pain - we got a chocolate brown rug for the redecorated den and you can see every speck of dirt that lights on it. But you're right - anything is better than the deer-colored tan.
I started working from home this past Jan, and have been with the company 8.5 years. It's nice, but I miss my co-workers more than I thought I would. I go in to the office once a week to see everyone and do the things I can't do at home.
I hope all goes well, and I will be praying for you.

Snaggle Tooth said...

You wanted some change n voila! A bit much all at once like this- but at least some of it will be improvements.
I really hate my job, but would miss some of those folks, so know what you're talking about there- At least you'll have surgery recovery time, n you're not without your many talents to see you thru it all.

I hope you're laughing about all of these tribulations a year from now, when everything is better!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

It looks like I missed your water disaster but look at what you're getting? It sounds like you will be getting some remodeling done and even though it's lots of work I'm sure you will love the changes you make to your home.

It's a good thing you still have a job and will be working from home. Is you company cutting costs?
I know you'll miss seeing the folks at work but maybe you all can get together for lunch every once in a while. Yes I have a southern accent too, Y'all is a favorite of mine that just seems like the right way to include everyone.

teahouse said...

I'm sorry about your work stuff. And all change is stressful - whether in work, life, and especially in home, because home = sanctuary. Things will settle down soon! Sending you a hug.

Dapoppins said...

Oh paige, I am so totally voting for you,

But scrolling through your blog, what adventures and flutters and spasms of you cause! Stitches? Flooding? Tree cutting? Oh My!

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie sleeping so i sayign hello and i lieks divine wite as a kolor on walls and on my head and my jannie be here when she wokes up.

a blue bunny wot luvs yoo mush.

Jannie Funster said...

So sitting here on a rock on the running trail because the bench is still too wet and I value my dry derriere.

Yay. You will be able to spend tons and tons more time emailing me if you work from home. Or do you already emailand compute from work??
Accent?? I totally never noticed one in you

sounds great Bout the pantry if it works out that way



back to walking now.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I wouldn't mind working from home, Paige.