September 26, 2009


Life is full of them, take for instance this handy dandy little package

Sure to brighten up the day of beach goers or the closet drinker anytime. Light weight and just enough.

Here are some treasures I recently found, they are OPs (other people) cast offs. Most of these was 95 cents, the black twisted vase (don’t ya love it was $9.95 and the bowl was $1.95.

Check out this pin and bracelet. Beloved found the pin $2.95 and I found the bracelet for the same. Now I’m really styling. And you are so jealous aren’t you my dear Internets.

Especially now that you see my Chocolate with Pecans Waffle cup from Cold Stone; Oh did I mention that I had a coupon -buy 2 of the same- and pay only $5.99. Now that was really a sweet deal.

Update on my carpels; passed the Cardiologist testing (photo here if you dare) and am scheduled for October 12th. A kind word up to Father would be nice. Thank you

Oh who won the prize from my little Altered give-a-way? (horns blowing way too loud in my little head)

Quit biting your nails, Shhh everyone, please calm down. I know you expected a winner but I’m afraid when I drew the name from the proverbial hat two stuck together (weird huh?). Will Georganna and Snaggle Tooth please e-mail me, paigevonliber at gmail dot com, with your address so I may get your prize in the mail soon if not sooner.

I know, I know, trust me when I say I wish you all could have won a prize but there were only so many. Hey there is always next time (not a promise) Come on y’all stop it, just stop trying to make me feel guilty, cause I already do. I love you all my dear, dearest Internets.

Happy First Fall Weekend!


Jeni said...

My younger daughter here (Mandy) and also a good friend of ours are both really into the "hand-me-down" scene and both of them really adept at finding a lot of great treasures like yours. Great finds, for sure.
As to the carpel tunnel thing -keep reminding me of the date -memory is lousy here ya know -but I will surely remember you in thought and prayer for the best possible outcome.

ElizabethR said...

Paige, You're a hoot!


Jai Joshi said...

Are you an elf? How did you snag all those treasures?

Congratulations to the two prize winners!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Where were those Rum Pocket-Packs when I was a teen-ager??!
My daughter made me a ceramic twisted- vaselike thing once. Beautiful, but packed.
Will send Dear Pater blessing requests for you.
Guess us bloggers really stick together, even when we never met-

Could use some celebrating materials-Yay!!!
I just knew I was gonna win- (You haven't seen the piles of books in here yet, either!
Yippeee ~ em v soon

Thanks Jai Joshi

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"Update on my carpels; passed the Cardiologist testing (photo here if you dare) and am scheduled for October 12th."

Please! A translation of the above! For the "Understanding Challenged" among us.

In other words, what the hell are you having done in that pic, and what will you have done on Oct. 12th...? Which I suppose will be WORSE than the IV thing you pictured???? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

But best wishes with it, of course.

... Paige said...

having my left carple tunel syndrom thingy fixed after 5 years of trouble; the right one was fixed 5 years ago; I have a weird EKG and docotors freak out about it so I have to get the ok; I passed the stress test so I'm good to go onto getting the regular pre-op crap and surgery is slated for 10-12;

no big deal but you know I believe in back up.

Jannie Funster said...

Darn I slip away to Bulgaria for 2 days and there is some contest I miss out on? :)

Hey, nice bric-a bracs.. Very nice! Chatskees. (wrong spelling on that last word, sorry)

Are those two purpled-handled things fancy screw drivers??

10-12, got it.

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Woo! Hoo! I won!!! Ah...I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't see the part about the contest. I was just responding to the first part of the post!

Because my address is all over teh interwebs anyway, can I just drop it here?

10725 Escobar Dr.
San Diego, CA 92124

Sweet! kthxbai

teahouse said...

That ice cream looks scrumptious!

sheila said...

great treasures! love the pocket shots, lol. Interesting idea! lol

Jannie Funster said...

Do you have your Halowe'en cstume yet? I dont! Oh, what will I do??


Linda said...

Prayers on that carpal tunnel stuff - our hands are so important!

All your sweet deals make me sooooo happy! We're a family of garbage pickers and yard salers. Good stuff cheap and free, plus wonderful entertainment. My deals this summer include: a Coach bag for $10, a Kate Spade for $5, thigh-length quilted lined Wilson black leather jacket for $5, Reidel stemless red wine goblets (8) for $10, and oodles of books, jewelry, CDs, and DVDs for change. We did drop $1k this past weekend for a solid maple Dinec table with leaf and five upholstered custon chairs (8x10 Chinese wool rug thrown in for free), but since we've been looking for such a table for >3 years, we felt it money well-spent.

Whew! Love the new economy. We'll have to go shopping together soon. Peace, Linda

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige -

It took me a while to mature to the point where I SO appreciate the story/history of items, especially those handed down thru my bloodline.

that are now mine oh mine

karen said...

I'll be praying for you, Paige! Glad you are diligent about your health.
You crack me up on the other stuff! Thanks for the smiles!