September 4, 2009

Logic OR Not

You can make logical suggestions, advice if you prefer, to people and they think you are stupid or whatever. For instance a lady at my office said her daughter “still cannot find a teaching job.” Of course if she were willing to teach junior or high school and was bilingual, her odds would be better. So being the smart a$$ that I am I suggested Rosetta Stone because that would enable her some basic communication skills. Most (about ¾) of our hispanic population, in my town, is straight up from Mexico and they speak in dialects not “proper Spanish” like most English speaking folks. So back to my suggestion, the lady at my office said 'no her daughter doesn’t want to do that.' So naturally like you just did, I thought then she doesn’t want to be a teacher or maybe she doesn’t want to have to move out when she gets a job. But knowing her mom like I do, her mom would be hunky doory with daughter living at home forever…heck I have never even heard that the daughter had a boyfriend and she is now 23; I’m just saying


I must be a foreign life form, cause I just don’t get it. I mean not just the above but all these people that think their children are perfect; never doing any wrong…because if that is the case why are there so many kids committing crimes, skipping school and never leaving home? Some of ‘em were not and have not been held accountable to their own actions, or lack thereof. But I suppose they will all be taken care of anyway by our government. Wonder where that money comes from? You know the money they will spend on the unemployed people and illegal’s health care. Hey I know maybe we all could quit our jobs and be eligible too. Hum communism at its best

We are leading ourselves like lambs to the slaughter and in some cases trying to be the first one in line.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"(about ¾) of our hispanic population, in my town, is straight up from Mexico"

As in.... jumped the fence?

"all be taken care of anyway by our government. Wonder where that money comes from? You know the money they will spend on the unemployed people and illegal’s health care."

Oh Baby yeahhhhh! Who will pay? The WORKING folks of course!

Mmm, oh but the government says it will take care of them. Ahemmm, and where does the goverment $$$ come from? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Taxes paid by working folks.

Ahhhhhhh the *Glories* of the Socialism, which is now trying to be stuffed down our throats! But hey, "the people" voted for a Saviour. Mmmm, yeah........ And everyone *knows* you get something for nothing in this world. Bleahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Mmmm, wondering if this comment of mine, will fit under your "Be Nice" commenting rule????????

... Paige said...

Yes it does fit under "be nice" and thanks for getting it

{I am--skipping down the lane, waste basket in hand singing ~ trawl la la}

What’s next telling our schools what to teach?...oh wait that would be my bad; and it shall come to pass; to those that have an ear let them hear.

Oh God let them all have an ear, amen

Jannie Funster said...

As to "Where does the money come from" there seems to be a ground-swell back to the America we know and love, an America with Free Speech and responsible spending.

Americans won't keep standing for communistic crap. And they're not, even tho the nuts will have us believe the dissenters at Town-Hall meeting are all organized and back by some right-wing plan. Give me a freaking break.

Give me back America.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some very sensible comments there.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Someone with a teaching certificate should be no stranger to learning what they need to succeed. Not even contemplating other's helpful ideas shows ignorance to problem solving skills. She doesn't seem to want to clear the issue up-
Some are better at talking than listening!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Have I mentioned 5k times yet that i work with tons of immagrants?

sheila said...

Sounds like your friends daughter needs to take some extra courses...or move to somewhere that needs teachers. :)

As for the other part, *sigh* lol. Nothing is different in the last 8 months that it was in the prior 8 years. The debt isn't that much bigger when you factor in the fact that the prior admin didn't include ANY $$ spent on the wars into his budget.

All of this started years and years ago. It's nothing new. Illegals have not suddenly swarmed over here in the last 8 months, they were ignored for decades.

We need to clean house and get rid of all the people who've sat and done nothing for multiple terms in congress. We also need a viable third party (a REAL 3rd party) who will break the stupidity of the other two who could EACH care less about the good of the country over the the 'win' of their party beliefs.

Need coffee now. :)

Jannie Funster said...

I apologize for using the word "nuts" up there, it was a bit too strong language in a heated mood I was in over something that matters to me very very deeply. It was quite unenlightened of me. Please forgive.