April 17, 2009

Out loud? Can it be?

Poems Out Loud is a fairly new site that launched on April 1 to coincide with National Poetry Month this year. I encourage you to visit and listen, yes listen to poems being read. A whole new experience for those that are just beginning to dabble and enjoy the beauty that is poetry and to renew the familiarity of those that may feel the poetic art form is old hat.

The song

Song of the words are A melody
Hard and soft, low and sweet
Meter with feet to stand on
Rhythm and rhyme reach
Into naked air of innocence
Slow for a soul to drift on
Or fast quick words of action
Syllables, constants, vowels
Let them all marry happily
To create style, verse and
Poetic songs of dipody

I hope you enjoy the readings, I know I have


judypatooote said...

Hi Paige....I love your poem, and I went to the Poems Out Loud sight, that is really nice...I listened to Keats "Ode to Autumn".. listening to the man who read it was very relaxing...I have a book I bought last year call "101 Famous Poems"... judy

... Paige said...

That's great Judy. That is what National Poetry Month (April) is for. To help make folks aware of the many ways poetry can be enjoyed by all and shared.

This whole Internet thing may catch on after all. It sure is turning into a handy tool.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I didn't know it was Natl Po month!
Nice verses there! So very true-

Reminds me of a short song I wrote as a child called "The Song" also-
in which the measures finish the rhyme metre. I'd forgotten all about it 'til now.