March 1, 2009

Hello I’m Announcing Here…

DAPoppins is having a party and she has invited everyone. It is scheduled for the entire month of March. Yes you heard that right a whole month of partying and its free and she is gonna have prizes. Now this is no ordinary get to together and not a frilly tea party although you may have a cup or glass pending on how you like it. Whine is always a cheerful pick you up, if you prefer that instead of Long Island Iced Tea.

It is not gonna be a costume party but you are free to wear one or tell us about the time you did. This is a special party and I’m not so sure everyone will want to attend on accounta it being so special and all, but I suppose, okay I’m pretty sure that everyone has at least one story to tell or not and if you are just curious enough you can read and laugh or cry at other’s expense or even your own.

What? Ya wanta know what kind of party it is… A PITY PARTY

Ok, now that you know you should just March on over there (get it) and throw some pity her way, your way or heck mine if it’s necessary.

So what about you? Have pitiful things you wanta share or are you just up to trying to grab a prize of two? Here’s what ya need to do either way Post your story and link to DAPoppins and then let her know you are joining the Pity Party. Feel free to tell her you heard about the party from me because that would make me smile.

If you don’t want to do neither and you just want to read some pitiful stuff drop on by over there for a little bit of other people’s PP ~~(pun was SO intended)


kimmyk said...

omg @ having a pity party. LOL!
i'll check it out...but for right now i'm not in a woe is me sort of mood. give me time though i'm sure i'll come up with something.

Linda said...

Party, prizes, pity... sounds like my cuppa. I'll pop over. I got pity out the ying-yang... Peace, Linda

Dapoppins said...

What a great post...and I just got everything done up too! There is even music if you feel the need to sing the blues. My favorite is:

"I need some money...real bad."