February 7, 2009


Yes in deedy it was hot today. I planted some flower bulbs. The white round thingys are to save spots for where my cotton seeds will go. Out of the four cotton plants I had last year I only ended up with one cotton puff. I had several bowls but they were lost in hurricane Ike. A couple survived but a bug poked into one of the bowls and the cotton won’t “Pop” open after that. Then they bloomed again and man were those little guys looking good, but we had a bit of a cold snap and they didn’t like that so they turned black. I will plant four of the seeds from the one and only popped cotton bowl and try again. Heck I may even plant them on time this year.

Planting the cotton is for my own amusement, but who knows with a little luck after 20 years or so I may end up with enough cotton to make a towel.


Jeni said...

Good one, Paige -20 years and you might have enough to make a towel. LOL
Good luck with your plantings this year and do try to get them in the ground in a timely fashion too. Sounds like me with my tomato and pepper plants I put in alongside the house. I think I got about 18-20 tomatoes and maybe 1 green pepper but the jalapeno peppers I got probably about 8-10 of them. Would have had more but Maya took a liking to them and kept picking them when they were way too small -just cause she liked the shape of 'em I guess. Kids!

kimmyk said...

i love peony's but for some reason i get ants with them (i was told to expect that) but them around my mailbox. where i live the sun only shines brightly on the backside of my house-where my dogs play and they sadly wont leave a darn thing alone so no flowers back there. in my front yard i plant flowers every year..and not a damn one of 'em blooms. my green thumb is brown sadly.

have fun planting flowers!

... Paige said...

The thing with cotton is the flower (much like a hibiscus) only last the one day and they are very hard to get pictures of when they bloom when you are at work or too stupid to check on them.

Never plant peppers when you are angry it makes them very very hot. This one time with jerk #2 you couldn’t even walk past the plants without the fumes making your eyes water. Seriously.
Thanks for the fyi on the ants I didn't know that.

Kimmy maybe the problem is that you have a green thumb and not a colorful one. Here’s a goofy idea before you plant flowers this year, use some markers and color your thumbs. Hey it may work

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Best of luck with your planting!

How interesting to read of planting now. When I'm surrounded by snow cover and may have freezing rain today. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand."
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Zephra said...

I grew up next to a cotton field. You make me miss it.

Jannie Funster said...

I grew enough cotton for one side of a Q-tip last year!

Fireblossom said...

Paige, I'm so glad you visited my blog and left the comment. :-)

BUT, I've never been here before and didn't leave you a comment. That was my friend Jannie Funster, not me. ^^

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I have two peony's and they are so pretty. You'll love them. It took one of my plants about 5 years before it even bloomed, but the other one which was a gift from my son bloomed the very first year.

Good luck with growing your own cotton towel, hehehe.