November 14, 2008

I was tagged...

By Brian The New Author, he thinks he needs to know eight random things about little ol’ me. Okay here goes

1. When I was in elementary school there was a girl that always, and I do mean always chased me around the playground. She wanted to kiss me.
2. She never did, as I was always faster then she was.
3. I carry a buck-eye, everyday in my purse.
4. I like wearing blue jeans, but can’t wear them everyday anymore- the office has initiated a “professional” dress code
5. I think said dress code sucks
6. I just took a 10% pay cut to keep my job with the must have medical insurance
7. I am currently doing the November PAD (poem a day) Challenge from the Poetic Asides blog
8. I was caught in a rainstorm the other day and loved it!

Here I’m supposed to tag eight people…well sorry Brian I will just have to ask for volunteers as my last game of tag kinda trailed off into the empty playground.
So dear Internet leave a comment and let me know you have accepted the game

1 comment:

80s Queen said...

I got tagged too Paige.

Gotta love those rainstorms! I've danced in a few myself. Glad I found your blog.