May 18, 2008


What? You mean you haven’t heard that this is National New Friends, Old Friends Week. Have an old friend, or more? Go ahead contact ‘em, let them know you still think of them and wonder what and or how they are doing. Have a new friend? Now is the time to tell them you are glad they have come into your life. No friend? Not to worry I got your back. While you are out and about this week smile at someone, chances are they will smile back and this is an act of friendliness. In fact I dare all of you to share an act of friendliness and pass it on. In fact I hereby declare this a National De-Lurking Week. Type up and comment on the blogs you visit and read. Let them know you have dropped by.

Well? What ya waitin fer? Go on now, I double dog dare you!


Linda said...

I dropped by! But seriously, I'm going to contact a few buddies I've been awol on... thanks for reminding me. Peace, Linda

cindy said...

Is NNFOF your brain child, Paige? Great idea!

... Paige said...

Nope not my idea, but thanks for the kudos.
Michael at Ripple Me This, link in side bar, mentioned in his mother's day post about not having a friendship day sort of thing. Google comes in handy and I found this, so I went for it.
I mean what the heck, its my blog.

Patty said...

I had no idea of this holiday but think its a splendid idea.
Old friends and new friends alike should know we value them.