April 18, 2008

SUDS, soap Suds,

are being generated from the box I’m standing on. I don’t know about you but I enjoy watching home improvement and renovation shows. I have also noticed how many, of those shows, are touting the green scheme you know eco-sensitive products and homes to help save what little ecology we have left. Sure seems like, to me, there are a huge number of folks and companies jumping on this “newecology idea. There is after all a lot (tons upon tons) of money to be made under this umbrella. Yes I know there is an actual problem with us and the way we treat our environment, they certainly tell us about it everyday on TV, radio and internet. Which brings up those bubbles emitting from my soap box…

I can’t help but notice, on some shows, they remove the “old” out of style cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, including cast iron tubs and sinks, windows, doors, tile and whatever else, then toss them in a dumpster. Have you noticed, cared, questioned or complained when they destroy those items by taking a sledgehammer to knock and bang them apart? Now the out of date things are not usable except as debris in the landscape of a solid waste facility.
IF you, TV producers and sponsors, are so high fluting eco-wise and green as you promote your selves to be; Why do you destroy items that can be recycled and reused by others? Instead of demolishing, why not remove a few nails or screws and see if maybe Habit For Humanity* can use it or the folks building a homeless shelter in town. Heck for that matter why not sell them and make a little money to pay for all the new in style eco-smart replacements?

Then there are some shows and people that Re-new, Re-use, Re-shape and find a use for those not so stylist-building materials. There are even artist that use trash to create works of art, not to mention folks that pick up usable stuff from the trash others put out. If they can find a good use for it why can’t the producers of ALL the home renovation shows do the same? I’m just wandering.

No wait I think I may know why-SALES, yes sales of all the new products from the sponsors who also hype of being ecology minded, looking to the future--our future here on Earth.

Who knows maybe I’m writing from my back side and you can educate me on the reason so many earth loving people destroy so many useable items in the name of being ecology minded/wise/smart/innovated?

*I pulled up the Habit for Humanity site and don’t see where they take experienced building materials, which disapoints me. ?No offence but go figure?


Shephard said...

Yeah, I agree. They could all try a little harder to set the best example.

Michele says hello!
~S :)

Cez said...

You raised a very good point. Here in Connecticut, there's Green Demolitions ( ). I haven't checked it out myself, but I thought of it after reading your post.

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Jenny said...

Drives me nuts when I hear celebs or whoever say 'I'm going to build a green house' (as it build a brand new one from stratch instead of rehabbing an old one).