March 31, 2008

Digital Gran, better known as Margaretr has gently reminded me that it has been a while since I posted a poem. Here is an Acrostic, I hope y'all will enjoy...


Purposeful words dance across the
Open pages singing out to
Enlighten spirits and souls of
Many a type of people both
Secretly and plainly—equal


MargaretR said...

Oh, thank you Paige. Don't ever stop writing your poems will you? I think you should put all the ones you already have written in a book.
I hope you didn't think I was being cheeky, prodding you like that?

Sandy said...

I love your poetry. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for checking in on me. I'm around. Just dizzyingly busy and not very good at collecting my thoughts at the moment. I've got something percolating though. Something begging to be written so I promise it'll be there soon. ;)

Zephra said...

Thanks for the comment Paige. Kamran is in a gifted school and is also in the talented program. He and Zain are pretty much on the same plane. I don't think there is any issue with that but thanks for pointing out the possibility.

I have good feelings about this school. They have a great rep and after the school we are coming from, anything is an improvement.

Nikki-ann said...

Thanks for sharing your poem. I've not seen an Acrostic poem for a very long time. Beautiful :)

Michele says Hello!

karen said...

wow...short and beautiful. I love it.