January 2, 2008

Here's to a GREAT year in 2008

The new year is upon us [me]. I have been requested to turn on the comment thingy – so I have. Thanks to so many of y’all being interested.
I don’t set resolutions but there are a couple of things I would like to accomplish this calendar year, a list of hopes and wants: One thing I hope for is to be able to post more often-way more often. I want to get back to making quilts [I have missed that for the last, oh I don’t know hundred years or so] I have even started one already; I want to write more-poems, stories, articles and what ever my heart and brain say to write.
Here’s what I think may work for me… mark it on my calendar, you know actually show it as something I am obligated to do. 1st weekend is for our Old Farts Sports Car Club [link in side bar], 2nd for making quilt(s), 3rd for writing and 4th for rest and home work [even though I don’t dust there is still something to do on the home front] Of course my beloved may not like this calendar of mine as he really likes to go go go and this is not to say that I won’t or can’t do these things on other days or even do other things [Is this a disclaimer for me to already excuse myself from doing this? Hum] and of course I reserve the right to add to and or change this list. Hey this is not an actual contract!
Okay, so this is where I planned on putting the definitions of resolution and accomplish, but as it turns out they are pretty much the same thing [duh!] you resolve to do something or plan to accomplish-the end result is the same. You either do or don’t.
Onward and upward my friends
Time has been floating around my grey matter the last month or so here are a few of those thoughts... it is such a wryly creature it comes and goes without any effort on my part. All the different manors of time, how it affects us, its end result and it’s beginning as well. It is not something to fear exactly nor is it something to take for granted. See it’s with us always, well at least the knowledge of it anyway.
What about you, do you have any thing you want to accomplish this year? If so what is you plan of action?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I wish I could say I had a plan, otherwise will look a lot like last year.

Patty said...

got my goals and objectives set, just like a business would do : )

judypatooote said...

I'm so glad someone got through to you to put your comments back on.. I keep stopping by and wanting to leave a comment, and no place to do it....I do so enjoy your poems, and keep it coming... nice plan you have going.....I don't dust either....LOL I have been putting Christmas away since the day after Christmas, and I'm still not done.....I end up on the computer either blogging or making note cards.....well looking for your next post.... judy

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

I'm so so so so glad that you turned your comments back on and I know that you're going to accomplish what you set out to accomplish have a goal and a plan.

My only plan this year is to stop by and leave you nice comments.

and p.s....I don't dust either...that's Jimmy's job.

american said...

great plan to be self indulged and emerse yourself into only what you want to do . it is your time to shine to create to evolve to become the person that makes you happyl i am sure your other half will understand , life is short and it was meant to be enjoyed ,good post Paige