February 23, 2007

Black Flames

Black fire whips, flames jump and lash out,
while gray smoke calls out to the sky.
Get up-the weary voices unfold to be heard
from the broken cradle of mischief.
Haphazard water castles grow and bellow
towards the dim wasteland of destiny.
The far away crescent moon whisper screams,
of the nightmare visions that await.
Again the coward lied to lost tarnished souls.


Dapoppins said...

humm, makes me wonder who that coward is. I love the imagery in this one. And I will so be updating your link.

Gina said...

For some reason, it made me think of the devil.

Jeni said...

I finally got your blogsite changed on mine! Couldn't get it to accept the new address for a long time and then - to add insult to injury - I couldn't find your new site! Found the new address tonight while looking back through my sitemeter log and this time, when I inserted the new address, it took! Yay, Yay!

Sandy said...

Hi Paige...I thought I'd stop by and say, Hi.

judypatooote said...

You always make me think.....