January 12, 2007

Better Things To Do

Put off the daily scrubbing and
Roll over for more sleep.
Occupy the mind in day dreams to
Catch the worm on the morrow.
Rest is well deserved as there is
Always plenty more to do.
Speculate for other options because
Time wasted is time wanted.
Instead find food for thought.
Negligence does it matter?
Any how tomorrow is another day and
Time is always available to
Enjoy a well earned reprieve.
Right, yes absolutely!


kenju said...

Michele sent me, Paige. I love this image. It reminds me of a Mondrian painting, and it makes me want to know where the doorway leads.

Carmi said...

I'm with Judy, Paige: this picture is mesmerizing. It leads the eye on a journey before leaving it wondering where it goes next.

Love your perspectives on work and rest as well. Your words will resonate through my head tomorrow morning when I hit the snooze button before my blood donation.

Would I rather sleep in or get stuck with a large bore needle? Hmm...

Nukie said...

are you sure that it just wasn't a "scheduled outtage"

Gina said...

Yes, love the picture!

And of course, the poem!

Jeni said...

Good words there, girl! Time wasted? Some would point to me and say that's you and your computer and your blogs and research stuff and on and on there. Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. And I don't behold it as "time wasted" but rather as a means of more food for thought. I'm wondering too if you didn't just run into a "scheduled outage" or maybe just some pure and simple contraryness on either Blogger or your computer's part. Mine does that to me every now and again!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

An excellent picture! I like your new home!

kimmyk said...

Nice new digs ya got here Paige.

I love the picture. I'm still trying to figure it out though...

Michael said...

made the move with you.

Take Care

MargaretR said...

That is a very interesting and unusual photo Paige and yes it does have a mondrian look about it.
I find a little rest sometimes works wonders to what I do on the morrow.

utenzi said...

Not here, Paige. Today's been my day for cleaning. I've been doing laundry and vacuuming along with a little rearranging of furniture. Nothing like a day off from work to get some housework done!

Michele sent me over.

Tim Rice said...

A place always needs to be made for rest in the midst of our busy lives. A time to refocus and rejuvenate.

Oracle said...

Thanks for the comments I'm taking all advice in good will at the mo ;)

karen said...

thanks, sister...I needed that!