October 9, 2012

Dear Internets

I come to y’all with hat in hand…

I need your assistance. My husband has Multiple Meyloma, it is a blood cancer. We have been dealing with it fairly well for 7 ½ years. During the last few months he has been on a Chemo that has been specifically directed towards the Meyloma cells.

Here is what I need your help with, we found out about 3 weeks ago that we are now entering the Stem Cell Transplant stage and I’m sure I don’t have to mention the extreme cost that are associated with it purely from a medical standpoint, but there are other costs besides the medical bills. We are required to live no more then 10-15 minutes from MD Anderson Hospital in downtown Houston for 2-3 months. We are on several waiting lists for reduced housing, they usually take 3 – 6 months to get to the top of the list. The Reduced costs per day range from $12.00 a day to $89.00. Parking fees are about $15.00 a day. He is expected to be in the hospital proper for at least 2-3 weeks then in housing nearby with daily appointments at the hospital for 1-3 months. Some places are rooms in a facility, others are actual apartments. So we could end up with our own kitchen or not. IF we can’t get in one of the housing places we will need to stay at a Hotel / Motel.

We are scheduled to begin this phase of our treatment in mid October. I am hoping that some of y’all can help us financially. It is not mine, nor my husband’s style to ask and we really hate to, but none the less are.

What Stem Cell Transplant basically is …

He will be given shots of a special medicine that will make his bone marrow release Stem Cells into his blood stream.
Then he will be hooked up on a filtering machine for 4 hours a day over a few/several days to harvest these Stem Cells.
Then he will be given massive doses of Chemo, that’s to kill all his bone marrow. (he will be very vulnerable to infection as the immune system will also be killed) IF any infection or other not good thing happens it would require visit(s) to the Emergency Room.
Then he will be given his Stem Cells back; which his body should integrate back into good functioning blood producing bone marrow, or could reject. It could take up to a month to find out well it worked.
Then the Best expected result is Total Remission {please take a moment to pray in agreement with me that this is what will happen}. Otherwise he could have very little cancer cells, they call this a partial remission and that would require a steady dose of some pill to help stave off the cancer. And at WORSE he could die when they do any of the above procedures or as a result of any infection. He has a couple of other medical conditions that raise his risk factor.

I am very, Very, VERY grateful for any financial assistance y’all can give, whether it is pocket change or dollars. Even If you cannot spare anything Please, Please pray for my husband that in itself means so much.

I will do my best to keep y’all updated on his status over the next few months, however please bear in mind I am his caregiver and he is my first priority. Please find updates on my Art Blog Should you wish to contact me directly: ArtistPoet dot Girl @ gmail dot com

We place our trust in God, for the highest and best outcome and thank you all for your prayers, good thoughts, healing vibes, love, peace and all that you send our way.


Brian Miller said...

ugh, i am so sorry....and will def pray for you all as you walk through this---cancer has touched several in my family...

wish i could help, i am just starting a new job after the company i was working for went under and we are just scraping by at this point..

Connie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. I don't know whether these people can help you, but it might be worth looking into. Click here.

Jeni said...

I can empathize totally with your dilemma -particularly on the financial aspect as I had absolutely no income whatsoever for 18 months prior to receiving SS disability. Had it not been for my daughter and her then husband taking over the household expenses, not only would I have had no food but no roof over my head along with the treatments I had to receive (chemo) to eradicate the cancer I was dealing with at that time. My income is such that I can't help you there, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will keep both of you -as well as your family -in my prayers for recovery to take place and for some type of financial relief be found for you and your family as well. Peace, Paige and BELIEVE! Just practice that mantra -I BELIEVE -it and a very positive attitude has had a very positive affect here locally for a little 6-year-old girl undergoing treatment for something very similar to your husband's sickness and she has done very well. The entire 3-county area here as well as loads and loads of supporters nation-wid have come together to pray for her, have benefits and other fund-raising efforts for her that has been a tremendous assist for her family. May you find much of the same in your life too!

Linda said...

I am praying for you and your husband. And yes, BELIEVE. You have so much grace, it will come back to you. Peace...

Jai Joshi said...

Paige, I had no idea about the terrible troubles you were going through. I hope to God that the treatment works and that your husband is happy and healthy once more. He's such a wonderful person!

It's times like this I regret that I never make any money. I'm so broke right now. I've been living on nothing for months. I wish I had something to send you! I'm so sorry, I feel like such a failure, when you need a real friend and I can do nothing.

I'll be hoping and praying that things get better for you.


... Paige said...

my wonderful friends! I love you all! {{{{group hug}}}}

Prayer IS the best thing y'all can do, We are very grateful for y'alls love and no worries on the finances. God will provide, my local friend told be IF no one knows ya need help they don't have a chance to help.

<3 Thanks so much y'all <3

And don't forget updates (when available) can be found at