November 11, 2009

Autumn Adventure...YES again!

Well my dear internets to continue on with my autumn adventure/saga we were staying in a local hotel about 5 miles from our house fairly convenient but we had to eat out every day and the insurance company does not care so much for that. We have now moved to a nicer hotel that has a kitchenette, heated pool and workout room. It also smells better, our bed is way better, but Baby girl however is sleeping on a pullout. She says that the heated pool makes it okay.

About the insurance adjuster we received a letter stating that we did not have mold coverage but re-mediation, whatever that means. But you know what it's not my problem, God will do what needs to be done in His time in His way and we are blessed.

I do know that all my hardships have been very hard to follow as I'm not typically quite so depressing nor whiny, it's just not my style, ya know? I am normally more sarcastic and smart a$$ed which is a far better coping mechanism than this. Don't y’all think? That is a rhetorical question, not really meant for you to answer. But thanks so much for agreeing with me. So from now on let’s just have happy thoughts, smiling smiles and jiggly giggles. Yes jiggly, well okay for you my skinny dear internets just giggles cause us chunky/healthy girls get to jiggle with our giggle.

Beloved mentioned how rich we were now that we have a house “in town” and “one in the county” I know I fell out laughing too.

Okay so we are going to leave all this far behind that said I've written a little poem. It has been ages if not for ever since I gave you one. Thanks for being my dear internets.


The music has fallen away
Lips no longer echo the lyrics
In harmony on the air waves
Or even in disharmony

The soul does lie open
As an unplayed score
Upon the maestros stand
Wand and hand slice and dice

Through the air, instructing
Notes to bounce and boom
Cajoling voices into instruments
Giving beauty to the rise and fall

Sweet melody ringing, tingling
Tickling the very breathing air
From which the music has fallen
Away, too far away from the heart

It is not really finished as I believe there should be at least one more stanza, a positive one. These were just thoughts that I have had on my not singing, not that I am some great singer or sumthin;-I have not sung to the songs on the radio for weeks maybe months now feels like forever. It is hard to say but I've really only recently noticed and I have not been able to make myself sing the songs any songs that use to move me, make my spirit take flight. Now seeing the problem, admitting the problem are the first steps in recovery. I cannot explain how this situation started, but it ends right now.

Tell me my dear internets do you sing? I know you do so tell me where do you dare and what do you sing?


Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm first! I'm first!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Glad you've decided to enjoy the now anyhow...

Good verses, has me watching my daughters symphony playing again in my mind-

I sing whatever gets stuck over n over again. When I write one, it's that. Oldies get stuck alot.

Sesame Street anniversary... Yep "Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away..."-Ugh! today

Also decided I could not sing grandson my new Bday song today- my voice is harsh n not doing semi-high notes today.

Yesterday at work (I rarely sing there) did the Chipmunks "Witch Doctor" Tune to freak out all the kids n immigrants who don't know it- "OO ee oo ah ah ... ting, tang, walla walla bing bang...ect"
for a sarcastic laugh- I always laugh at sacastic humor.

Enjoy those nice digs!

Jannie Funster said...

I'm third! I'm third!!

Jannie Funster said...

And fourth, whee-hoo!!

Jannie Funster said...

And fifth!!

Blue Bunny said...

i hops i beeting my jannie to be number 6 in kommints

Blue Bunny said...

whoo- i did !!! i beets my jannie, hee hee.

Jannie Funster said...

dang, my bloging manigir is too fast for me sometimes.

Anyway, I've been singing to myself so much lately I've been driving myself crazy. See, some one once said to me they think I have a psychological imbalance because I sing a lot, I mean a Lot a lot. And I said to them, "I think you are full of crap."

Your poem, holy wow -- it was just so amazing, Paige, I would not add another stanza. To me it did not need to be "positive," it was already so darn deep and grand I almost did not know what to do with myself over it.

I mean... these 3 lines.

"The soul does lie open
As an unplayed score
Upon the maestros stand"

Holy bejeepers. incredible.

And Paige, even when you are in troubles your humor and spirit just shines on through lke wide fire.

Well, gotta run, getting a wedgie from my brand new rubber undies so they have got to GO permanently. Away.


Deanna Schrayer said...

Lovely poem Paige, thanks for sharing it.
Sing? I wish! My sisters stole all the musical ability, I have none.
Your beloved sure is a funny guy.

Linda said...

Lovely poem, a real treat. Thank you.

And hugs to you, dear friend. Such disruption in your life...

I sing. I love to sing. I embarrass my kids by singing in malls and grocery store aisles. Right now, Motherless Child is the tune that runs through my head... keep singing, and laughing. Both are good for your soul and health. Peace, Linda

sheila said...

I'm after them! Whooo Hooo! lol.
I sing but not around most people as I tend to make small animals run.

Can't wait to see the last stanza!

... Paige said...

the funny thing is my radio in the car is sent to an all Instrumental duh!

thank you all for you comments, jokes and can never have enough laughter, so sayth the Queen so be it ;-P

Dorraine said...

Your poem was lovely. I hope you find your music again very soon.

Meanwhile, keep the faith. I've learned our lives are like chapters in a novel. Some are very difficult to read and live. But then a new chapter comes up, which is delightful. Your new chapter is coming; keep flipping those pages.

Singing-yes, I'm afraid I do sing, although the only people who have ever appreciated it are my girls. When they were little. Music...cough, not my gift, but I shall sing anyway!

Snaggle Tooth said...

n I'm a one e n a four,
counting 4/4 time
cus I don't like that one n three number, you need all good luck now!