February 27, 2008

100 Things about Paige...

100. I sing in the car and in public places and don’t care if you or anyone else likes it.
99. Yes I have been married three times
98. Seat belt wearing since the 1980’s
97. Lesbians like me although I don’t swing that way
96. I do all sorts of handcrafts
95. I have had carpel tunnel surgery
94. I’m not ticklish
93. Sometimes I think I’m funny when no one else does
92. Used to be a hair stylist, but I don’t like “fixing” my own hair
91. Cuss too much
90. I’m not a girly girl- I prefer jeans and tee shirts
89. Favorite word is the F word-you know it, don’t make me say it cause I will
88. I prefer starchy foods- taters and white rice and bread
87. I have a very southern accent and sound like a hick
86. I was born in Indiana
85. I sometimes make things harder than they have to be
84. My manners aren’t the greatest-So What?
83. I am organized; it’s just in my own way
82. I am eclectic in most things-music, books, people, clothes-whatever
81. I have not skinny-dipped
80. I interrupt people when they are talking- not always but a lot
79. Sometimes I drive over the speed limit. On purpose!
78. As of this writing I have been to 15 different states and 3 countries
77. I like watching end of the world survival movies
76. Raisins are NOT on my list of foods. They look like giant ticks.
75. I still miss my dog Butch after 20 years
74. I could use a little help getting dressed sometimes.
73. Unique- one word to describe me
72. If I were to meet someone exactly like me- I would not like her. There would be too much competition. Ya Know?
71. I have a hand gun and a license to carry it
70. I carry a 9 mm and a 38, but normally not at the same time
69. I have seen the Irish Sea, it’s not really green but if the light hits it just right…
68. I have been on a mountain, dappled with snow. It was awesome
67. I was an abused wife-the first time around
66. I have stood on a volcano and shivered, it’s cold up there
65. I know to love someone on a truly deep level you must love yourself first
64. I have dipped my toes in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
63. I am the oldest girl of my siblings but not the oldest sibling
62. I’m prepared for the possibility of disaster
61. I have been told by more than one person that during high school they wanted to be more like me. Independent
60. In high school I was not part of any clique and was ok with that.
59. I like my job and think I’m paid fairly
58. I have 7 children, 2 natural, 2 adopted, 1 step, 2 are my husband’s step children
57. I expect from people the same things I expect of myself
56. As a child I ate milk bones for dogs and I liked them
55. On occasion I have talked during the movie-makes you cringe I know
54. I don’t have friends-one day I may regret this
53. I cuss too often
52. I have respect for my elders
51. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, other than be alive
50. I fart really REALLY loudly, but lack the perfume to go with it
49. They used to call me a disco queen
48. I talk to strangers at the store while standing in line
47. I know the words to hundreds, thousands and maybe millions of songs but yet couldn’t sing most with the music/melody playing
46. My ears are small, so I have been told by more than a few folks
45. A doctor once told me that my right ear drum has a star in it-like a star sapphire stone.
44. I know prayers get answered-just not always the way I want
43. I was a New Year’s baby but not born in the first week of the year
42. I wrote my first story at the age of 9. It was about the new “color” TV we had just gotten.
41. The “old” TV had been thrown into the wall by my alcoholic father
40. I love my parents
39. Believe in ghosts, why yes I do. I have seen them
38. I do not like the smell of “baby powder”
37. I know that is not how babies smell.
36. I have mitral valve prolapse. That’s a heart thing
35. I really like color-bright brilliant colors
34. Believe in life on other planets-why not where does it say we are the “Only”
33. I have gone hungry many times to feed my child, and would do it again.
32. Some of the stuff I write is dark and disturbing to my husband
31. I don’t always write as if the piece is about me. I am important but face it the world does not revolve around me.
30. I have pre-arranged my funeral
29. I have photos of me and my headstone. No shit!
28. Sleep in the nude? Yes me too.
27. Sometimes I’m too outspoken
26. I enjoy looking at other people’s vacation photos. I might learn something
25. Have been molested as a young child (this has happened to 1 out of every 3 people) & still haven’t told my mother
24. Shipley’s donuts are the best.
23. I like summer over any other season
22. Day person. I start getting sleepy around 8pm. Seriously!
21. Shorts with a hem or cut offs- Cut Off jeans please.
20. I have been a victim of racial discrimination even though I’m caucasian
19. I think I am a fair person
18. I love my children more than they think or know
17. I practice tough love-and it hurts me
16. My wedding bouquet consisted of-yellow daffodils, white roses, forget-me-nots and maiden head fern
15. I like being bare footed
14. I love paisley fabric
13. My favorite color is Purple
12. I love taking photographs
11. I’m a fabri-acholic
10. I have been sewing since I can remember
9. I miss my children
8. I love the way my husband smells
7. I believe life is sacred
6. Money is NOT everything. With that said…
5. I prefer white gold
4. Diamonds are ok but I way prefer emeralds and stones of color
3. I know God is
2. Paige is not the name on my birth certificate but one I picked for an Internet alias. I had to y’all, to protect the innocent
1. I am so totally in love with my husband


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Time to get the soap out for the mouth.

karen said...

Why, you are a sassier chick than I even thought possible! We'd get along just fine.

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Always cool to read these.
Yours had some dingers in them.

Take Care

Gina said...

Paige, I think this is the most I have ever known about you!

We are alike in a lot of ways, actually!

Digitalgran said...

When I read those Paige, I also felt that we are alike in many ways. I could say, me too, to many of those. My life has not been as hard as you yours though.

Jenn said...

It is so good to read more about you..I was updating my links to and I'm so glad I popped in. There are so many things I didn't know about you..I was "wow, oh, wow...that's cool.."

Paige is a good name. I'm only Emma sometimes :)

cynthia newberry martin said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog, Paige, and was delighted to find this post highlighted on your sidebar. Cool list including that your name is not really Paige and that your favorite color is purple. Nice to know you.

Jennifer said...

Oh Paige! I love this,....I'm sorry I never read it before. I admire you, and applaude you! So many of what you listed I can attest to. What a great idea! Everyone should have an "about me" list. Mind if I use the idea on mine?

You are infectious!